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How is The Play Lab UNIQUE from other preschools?

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*Small mixed-age Class, capping at 8 children, so all children are engaged, supported, and challenged in a home-based program with a loving Illinois State Certified Teacher and Director.

*Progressive whole child education that goes way beyond academics to empower your child to love and respect themselves and our world and others.

*All-inclusive weekly Enrichment/Specials include service, charity, S.T.E.A.M., Fun Fitness, Spanish Classes, Kids in the Kitchen, and Entrepreneurship/Finance.

*Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values support The Play Lab children, families, AND staff to promote a positive, compassionate, collaborative school culture! 

*We promote The Growth Mindset and practice Mindfulness and Positive Affirmations.

*Illinois ASCD Award-winning whole child program, teacher, leader, and advocate!

*Beyond daycare or child care, we promote the importance of high-quality early childhood education AND care! We treat all the children as o
ur own.

*Year-round programming with multiple breaks throughout the year, so students don't have large gaps in early education and care. Teachers can feel supported and appreciated, attend paid professional development and conferences to stay abreast of the latest research, take necessary breaks to replenish and avoid burnout and promote positive teacher retention. Aside from this consistency benefiting our children, we are proactive as there is a teacher shortage crisis, and even more so for teachers of color.

*We use BRIGHTWHEEL, a Family Communication App to utilize contactless check-in/out, daily health checks, automatic billing, and send notes, pictures, and videos throughout your child's day. As parents, we know the value of that!

*We have three large rooms. One is for learning centers, one is for movement and special celebrations, and there is an Exploration Room for tinkering, art, project-based learning, experiments, and S.T.E.A.M. Activities! Our outdoor gratitude and neighborhood walks further extend our classroom beyond these walls! The world is our classroom!


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