A High-Quality School in Albany Park, Chicago, Illinois.

Imagine the possibilities if you could give your child a head start in life. We offer an opportunity for that, providing high-quality childcare and early education to children so they are prepared with all they need before going off into school or otherwise independent pursuits later in childhood!

Why enroll your child in an Award Winning Illinois Whole Child School?

“The ASCD Whole Child Award is an award designed to recognize schools that go above and beyond to educate the whole child. We at ILASCD have created an award at the state level to recognize schools that have developed a vision to encourage the growth of the whole child. The whole child award recognizes these schools for not only educating the whole child but for having had success in creating students who are knowledgeable, emotionally, and physically healthy, engaged in an inclusive learning environment, and are prepared to become lifelong learners. This award recognizes those schools that have changed the focus from one of a narrow academic vision to one that promotes the development of the whole child; healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.”

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