Big Thinkers Program

The Play Lab offers a Big Thinkers Program that provides learning experiences through fun, interaction, and engagement. It consists of inclusive enrichment and special programs that help exceed your child’s developmental milestones. All-inclusive enrichments and specials are included in the tuition, and we are always looking to add more programs. We provide a morning snack that children help make sometimes. Each student must bring their own balanced and healthy lunch to eat with friends.

The Play Lab makes the learning experience fun and builds lifelong habits in your children. Our inclusive enrichment and special programs provide active learning experiences.

  • PE with jig aerobics allows children to move around and exercise while dancing and having fun. 
  • Fun finance provides curious kids to learn about real-world business with fun, interactive and engaging tasks. Entrepreneurship for kids. 
  • Entrepreneurship for kids is designed to teach children, through hands-on experience, entrepreneurial skills essential for success in life. 
  • Ana Yavorsky – My Spanish Corner helps children learn Spanish through fun, effective, and interactive interactions. 
  • A growth mindset for kids helps children motivate themselves and promotes positive thinking, which sets them up for success.
  • Breathe for Change provides wellness and relaxation and strengthens the mind and body. It promotes healthy lifestyle habits. 
  • Conscious discipline exposes children to emotions and coping with emotions. It also promotes problem-solving skills. 
  • Handwriting without tears builds a solid foundation to become proficient with letter formation, placement of letters on lines, spacing between letters and words, and differentiating the size of capital and lowercase letters.
  • A calm classroom allows children to practice mindfulness, resulting in increased compassion, improved emotion regulation,  reduced stress and anxiety, and improved attention. 
  • ISTEAM program allows children to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math subjects to find their passion. 
  • Kids in the kitchen is a great way to interact with children with fun meal prep.